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You can return the product you bought within 14 calendar days at your own expense and request its replacement with another product.

Products to be returned must:

  • Be in original delivery condition, including packaging.
  • Not to have been used.
  • To be mailed for return by the recipient of the product no later than ten (10) calendar days. Prior to telephone or written communication for your intention.
  • To be accompanied by all accompanying documents: Retail receipt or invoice and all accompanying documents, such as labels, etc.

Cancellation Policy

  • Your order can be canceled at any time if it has not been shipped. Cancellation is made by phone or email. The amount is returned in full and without any charge to the customer.
  • Refunds are made either by bank or cash on delivery. If  your order is shipped, then the product return policy is valid.

Money Back Policy

If for any other reason you wish to return the product you purchased and you are not interested in replacing it with another, you must submit a Return Request within 14 days from the date of receipt. Once the return is made and it is determined that the product has not been used, you will be refunded.

We expressly state that, for reasons of avoiding embezzlement and facilitating the procedures, the refund is made only when the purchase of the product has been made by bank deposit. In case of refund you will be charged only with the cost of returning the product.

In any case of return of products, the customer is obliged to deliver intact and in excellent condition along with all the accompanying documents: Retail receipt or invoice and all the accompanying documents, such as labels, etc.

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